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Characters that close strings in chrome 2 <!-- sample vector --> <script>var test = 'test*chr*;logChr(*num*);</script> @Nomicon3
Characters that start JavaScript double quote strings <script> *chr*"; logChr(*num*) </script> @peksa
Characters that result in multiline strings <script> var a = "*chr* "; logChr(*num*); </script> @tifkin_
Characters allowed after string multiline separator <script> var x = "asdf\*chr* asdf"; logChr(*num*); </script> @tifkin_
Uncode sequences generating illegitimate ASCII <script> "\ud83d\u*hex4*".match(/.*<.*/) ? log(*num*) : null; </script> @0x6D6172696F
Characters consuming backslashes and breaking JS strings <script>a='abc\*chr*\';log(*num*)//def';</script> @0x6D6172696F
Characters breaking CSS strings allowing expression "'`>ABC<div style="font-family:'foo*chr*;x:expression(log(*num*));/*';">DEF @0x6D6172696F