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doc property hijack with iframe v3 <script> var testpad = document.createElement("iframe"); testpad.name="dummy"; document.body.appendChild(testpad); for(props in document){ testpad.name = props; if (document[props]+"" === "[object Window]") { customLog(props) } } </script> @insertScript
Characters that break out of css urls latest <div id="fuzzelement*num*" style="background:url(about:blank?*chr*;color:#000000;x:);"></div> @garethheyes
Characters allowed between property accessor and property <script> if(document.*chr*body === document.body) { logChr(*num*); } </script> @tifkin_
JS Property check middle character <img src=xx:xx onerror=window[['log*chr*Chr']](*num*)> @garethheyes
JS Property check ending character <img src=xx:xx onerror=window[['logChr*chr*']](*num*)> @garethheyes
NULL Characters inside JavaScript properties `'"><script>window['log*chr*'](*num*)</script> @garethheyes
Characters allowed before CSS properties '"`><div id="fuzzelement*num*" style="*chr*color:#000000;"></div> @garethheyes