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Characters allowed after string multiline separator
Characters allowed before script tag name
Characters allowed before single functions in event handlers
Characters allowed between and in HTML entities in style attribute
Characters allowed between 2 consecutive functions
Characters allowed between attributes
Characters allowed between JS function names and parentheses
Characters allowed between property accessor and property
Characters allowed to hex encode javascript
Characters allowed to hex encodings of javascript variables
Characters that allow a new statement to begin
Characters that allow a new statement to begin2
Characters that break out of quoted attributes2
Characters that can be used close tags
Characters that can be used close tags2
Characters that can be used to terminate entities in an href
Characters that can set event handlers3
Characters that dont inhibit eventhandlers
Characters that eat JavaScript regex escapes
Characters that make a double quote valid
Characters that modify JavaScript regex character classes
Characters that result in multiline strings
Charactes that complete single quote
JavaScript characters that swallow the next character