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Single characters that break attribute names @garethheyes
Characters allowed at the start of a namespace @agasfasgasdasds
Connect back @kinmenhacker
Separators @JohnathanKuskos
Characters that will be mutated to a correct URI 3 @avlidienbrunn
Characters allowed before script tag name @tifkin_
chars allowed between js comment @insertScript
allowed char in js comment @insertScript
Characters that break attribute names @albinowax
Characters allowed before slashes no protocol @garethheyes
Equals equivalent signs in attributes @WisecWisec
Characters allowed instead of forward slash in url @garethheyes
Characters allowed instead of colon in js url @garethheyes
Cookie fuzzing @garethheyes
Tags that have the onload event @garethheyes
Replacement for lt in tag @blubbfiction
Entities allowed before CSS rule @garethheyes
Break out of HTML element from single quoted attribute @peksa
Escaped characters that break out of single quote HTML attribute @peksa
Characters syntactically equivalent to double quote in HTML attributes @p_laguna
Eating backslash @garethheyes
Characters that break out of script variables @garethheyes
Attribute separators @garethheyes
Characters allowed after colon in url @garethheyes
Window variables @garethheyes
Characters allowed before protocol in js url @garethheyes
Characters allowed before colon in js url @garethheyes
Characters that close a HTML comment @garethheyes