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Tags with Onerror @Lamp_AE
After open bracket @HNThrowaway
XSS without par @ahpaleus
svg xss @ahpaleus
SVG char @ahpaleus
dunno @RobinsonLiamr
char after event @chmodxxx
After reference @marqueexss
overwrite cookies test case @insertScript
form attribute support @insertScript
script param separator @i_bo0om
Comma analog in script src data @i_bo0om
Characters that eat JavaScript regex escapes @tifkin_
XSS Without Space Test 1 @irsdl
Characters that expands the URL length (host) @avlidienbrunn
JavaScript characters that swallow the next character @tifkin_
Characters allowed at the start of a namespace @agasfasgasdasds
Valid characters between attribute and value instead of @blubbfiction
JavaScript operators that separate objects and scopes @peksa
Characters allowed between event handlers and equal sign @peksa
HTML input image tag attributes that run JavaScript @peksa
Ignored characters in javascript protocol uris @peksa
script var separator @i_bo0om
img tag overflow @kinmenhacker
allowed char in js comment @insertScript
characters which turn into a comment @insertScript
Characters before javascript uri @insertScript
SVG script @garethheyes
Characters allowed instead of colon in js url @garethheyes
Characters syntactically equivalent to double quote in HTML attributes @p_laguna
Attribute separators @garethheyes
Characters allowed as s in url @garethheyes
Quoteless attributes breaker @garethheyes
Characters allowed after attribute name @garethheyes
Characters allowed before attribute name @garethheyes