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Quoteless attributes breaker @garethheyes
Replacement for greater than sign @mhswende
Characters allowed between tag and attribute @0xAli
Characters that close a quote @0xAli
Characters ending HTML closing tags (HTML4) @0x6D6172696F
Characters consuming backslashes and breaking JS strings @0x6D6172696F
Events in tags with src or href that execute javascript @garethheyes
Tags that execute onerror @garethheyes
Characters to separate class names in class attributes @0x6D6172696F
Characters allowed after uri host @jackmasa
Characters that close a HTML comment 002 @0x6D6172696F
Characters that close HTML tags @0x6D6172696F
Characters allowed after script @garethheyes
Single character breaking innerHTML copy @thewildcat
Characters breaking JavaScript Regex delimiter @0x6D6172696F
Escape from attribute a closing tag @shafigullin
Space characters in RegExp @shafigullin
Characters trimmed my trim @shafigullin
Characters before paren in Javascript call @garethheyes
Characters allowed after attribute name @garethheyes
Characters allowed before protocol in js url @garethheyes
Characters allowed before colon in js url @garethheyes
Characters allowed before CSS properties @garethheyes
Characters allowed before a JavaScript function @garethheyes
Characters that close a HTML comment @garethheyes
Characters allowed before attribute name @garethheyes