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String variables
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Text __defineGetter__
Text __defineSetter__
Text __lookupGetter__
Text __lookupSetter__
Text __proto__
Text anchor
Text big
Text blink
Text bold
Text charAt
Text charCodeAt
Text concat
Text constructor
Text fixed
Text fontcolor
Text fontsize
Text hasOwnProperty
Text indexOf
Text isPrototypeOf
Text italics
Text lastIndexOf
Text link
Text localeCompare
Text match
Text propertyIsEnumerable
Text quote
Text replace
Text search
Text slice
Text small
Text split
Text strike
Text sub
Text substr
Text substring
Text sup
Text toLocaleLowerCase
Text toLocaleString
Text toLocaleUpperCase
Text toLowerCase
Text toSource
Text toString
Text toUpperCase
Text trim
Text trimLeft
Text trimRight
Text unwatch
Text valueOf
Text watch
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